June 7, 2023
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TVB premium service myTV SUPER to stop providing all BBC channels after the end of the month

The Hong Kong English-language news website “HKFP” recently reported that TVB’s paid service myTV SUPER will undergo new changes, and will no longer provide all British BBC channels from January 31. “HKFP” once inquired about the incident with TVB, but the other party responded by not commenting on individual situations, only saying that they have been regularly reviewing the content of the program to provide viewers with informative and inspiring programs.

It is reported that the channels that will be discontinued on myTV SUPER include the news channel BBC World News, the documentary channels BBC Earth and BBC Lifestyle, and the children’s channel CBeebies. “HKFP” also inquired with the BBC but did not receive a specific response, but said that their channel is still available to Hong Kong viewers on cable TV and NOW.

The BBC mentioned that viewers can also get the BBC’s online news information through the official website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and other social platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. The BBC’s two news programs (BBC International Channel) and “BBC Current Affairs Weekly” were suspended by Radio Hong Kong in mid-February 2021. At that time, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television of China was revoked its landing permit because the BBC World News channel harmed national interests. , but Leung Ka-wing, then Director of Broadcasting, emphasized that the suspension of the broadcast had nothing to do with government pressure, and was purely his personal decision.

Source of information and pictures:hongkongfp

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