March 29, 2023
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Turn poop to ashes! Samsung and Bill Gates join forces: develop a new toilet that turns feces to ashes! – Urban Tech Story

Samsung and the Bill Gates Foundation have teamed up to develop a new toilet thatNo water resources and subsequent sewage treatment are required, and the discharged feces can be turned into ashes!

Human feces contain bacteria and pathogens. If they are directly discharged into nature without professional treatment, they will often cause other animals or humans to infect diseases, and even pollute nearby water sources in severe cases. Fortunately, many countries around the world have well-developed sewage systems to treat human waste, but there are still a few developing countries that lack this system.


Recently, Samsung announced that it has cooperated with the Bill Gates Foundation to develop a new toilet that can effectively dispose of human waste without consuming a drop of water, turning the feces left by people after using the toilet into ashes, and the current prototype has been completed.

It is understood that the core technologies of this new toilet prototype include heat-treatment and bioprocessing technologies. These two technologies can kill pathogens in human excrement and allow the excrement to be safely released into the natural environment. Even if there is no sewage treatment facility, it can avoid environmental pollution or disease transmission caused by excrement.

Samsung Reinvented Toilet Prototype

It is reported that this toilet will first dehydrate human feces, dry them and then incinerate them into ashes; while the urine is biologically purified, and the treated liquid can be recycled and reused.

Samsung joined the Bill Gates Foundation toilet project in 2019. After this achievement was published, it also generously promised to continue to improve products, and to adopt license-free fees, open to other manufacturers to join the production ranks, and also to make every effort to make the world’s low-income Area households can afford new toilets.

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Imagen de uno de los prototipos del Reinvented Toilet de Samsung

After leaving Microsoft, Bill Gates put a lot of effort into updating sanitation facilities and toilet technology. He once teased himself in his opening speech at the Next Generation Toilet Expo: “I never thought that I could understand human defecation so thoroughly in the past 10 years. I definitely didn’t think about forcing Melinda to stop me from talking too much about toilets and what to do with human feces when I was eating.”

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