March 29, 2023
tsmc it day 0

TSMC held the IT Technology Day for the first time, CIO and technical directors of 4 major departments revealed the results of 2 years of transformation and embracing cloud native

TSMC held its first IT Day (IT Day) today (10/29), attracting more than 1,500 people to sign up. TSMC Chief Information Officer Lin Hongda led the technical executives in the fields of smart manufacturing, enterprise systems, and information architecture to personally expose the past two years of IT Transformation results. Not only software industry practitioners and developers, but even executives of multinational companies, many high-tech factories in Hsinchu also sent people north to participate to learn from TSMC’s digital transformation achievements. TSMC IT has greatly expanded its IT team in the past two years, first recruiting on campuses of various universities in Taiwan, holding online recruitment activities, and holding IT Technology Day for the first time this year to showcase TSMC IT’s achievements in embracing cloud-native technology and IT transformation.

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