March 27, 2023
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Tsinghua University: Smartwatch tracking data can predict risk of death within 5 years

PLOS Digital Health published a Tsinghua University research report saying that tracking data from smartphones and watches can effectively predict a user’s risk of death within five years with an accuracy rate of up to 70%.


Scientists have previously found a correlation between walking speed and health through a large amount of data. To further understand the user’s mortality rate, the user needs to wear a professional fitness tracker around the clock, or perform gait analysis under laboratory-level conditions.


This time, the researchers wanted to test whether data collected from ordinary smartphones and smartwatches could predict deaths with a similar degree of accuracy.


The researchers obtained data on 100,000 participants from the UK Biobank and followed them for at least five years. They found that by using their daily 6 minutes of data tracking the intensity of walking, and then through the prediction algorithm, the accuracy of the prediction was comparable to that of professional equipment.


PLOS is a non-profit medical science publisher funded primarily by grants from authors. All content within the journal is published under the Creative Commons License. And PLOS Digital Health, a journal promoting the transformation of fair and equitable healthcare, is edited by Leo Anthony Celi.


source:PLOS Digital Health


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