June 7, 2023
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[Trial]HUAWEI Mate50 Pro super photo shooting experience, free adjustment of optical background blur + night scene effect

Smartphones are used in the same way. It seems that there are no new functions to use when buying a new phone? HUAWEI Mate50 Pro breaks the boring framework of ordinary smartphones and adds many practical functions that users did not expect. This time, we will mainly test the new smartphone experience brought by the trial version of HarmonyOS 3, including the innovative method of file sharing between mobile phone = computer = tablet, focusing on testing the F1.4 super large physical aperture lens, shooting Portrait, night scene, macro, as well as the privacy protection and anti-virus functions brought by the new system software, automatically hide sensitive information such as the location of the photo for perfect protection.



HUAWEI Mate50 Pro focuses on upgrading the camera lens. This time it brings a 4-lens design, neatly arranged on the back of the phone. This time, the editor tried out Kunlun Xiaguang color, which is not easy to stick to the back of the high-quality mobile phone. The screen is made of Kunlun glass, which brings the ultimate drop resistance and pressure resistance. Therefore, HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro has become the world’s first smartphone to obtain the Swiss SGS five-star drop resistance authoritative certification. In addition, the camera lens and the edge of the fuselage are wrapped in orange gold metal, which is plain and a little extravagant.



Freely adjust the “Shallow Depth of Field” blur effect, which is fun and practical

And these 4 lenses combine the ultra-variable XMAGE imaging technology, using the 50-megapixel ultra-variable lens to intelligently select the aperture size according to the scene. Users can also decide the aperture and the degree of shallow depth of field blur by themselves. Just open the camera program and enter the “large aperture” mode to adjust it freely. The screen will remind you that “F1.4” or higher value belongs to “physical aperture”, and you can adjust the degree of shallow depth of field. As for the value smaller than “F1.4” (the smaller the F value, the larger the aperture, the blurred The effect is stronger) belongs to the “virtual aperture”, the camera will use artificial intelligence to calculate the edge of the subject, so as to enhance the blur effect for the background.

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The most convenient feature of this function is that users can freely control the strength of the “shallow depth of field” blur effect. For example, if you want the background to be more blurred to highlight your main subject, you can adjust a larger aperture (smaller F value); on the contrary, if you want the photo to show more scenery, or the subject is clearer, you can choose a smaller aperture (larger F value). These parameters, which were only adjustable in digital cameras in the past, can now be freely adjusted in mobile phones.


Freely adjust the degree of blur

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Even in other general street photography tests, we all saw that the details and colors on the streets in the camera samples were vivid and very natural.


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Shoot night scenes with full and natural colors, clear and less noise

HUAWEI Mate50 Pro’s built-in ultra-large physical aperture RYYB photosensitive element directly increases the amount of incoming light by 24%, making images clearer in dark environments and night scenes. Incorporating XD Fusion Pro technology, the brightness of the picture and the details of light and shadow can be captured more easily. We did not use the night scene mode to shoot the night scene this time, but readers can see that the detail is quite high and the noise is quite small. Then change to night scene mode to shoot, you will get different results, the colors around the environment are more full, and the light and dark are easy to stand out.

▲The night scene mode is not turned on, the light and darkness are already very three-dimensional, and the clarity still retains a sense of reality
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▲ Change to night scene mode to shoot, you can see that the dark part of the background can be more prominent

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The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro also supports macro photography. It can be seen that the ability to shoot very close objects has been enhanced, and the background blur effect is very good.

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HarmonyOS 3 Trial VersionBring “Super Transit Station”

It is more convenient to share across devices and applications

HUAWEI Mate50 Pro also brings the HarmonyOS 3 trial version to upgrade the system software. The development of this mobile phone system, which has been upgraded to the third generation, has gradually matured, and it has also developed many functions that are rarely seen on other platforms. This time the new system has added “Super Transit Station”. This feature makes sharing photos, text, and more between devices extremely easy.


The usage is very simple. For example, if you want to share photos, just open the photo album, select the photos and videos you want to share, and drag them to the upper right corner with your fingers. There will be a transfer port here. After putting it in, your shared file will appear in the “transfer station”.


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The content of the super transfer station can be shared to different applications on the mobile phone, and even to different devices you own. For example, if you open the “Memo Pad” app to create a note content, just click the small corner on the upper right of the screen, open the “Transfer Station”, you can see the picture you just put here, and then drag and drop it in an intuitive way , the photo can be pasted on the notebook.


“Privacy Center” prevents leakage of user personal information

Now users will pay attention to the privacy protection performance of the mobile platform. The HarmonyOS 3 trial version has upgraded the Privacy Center, which gathers all the privacy options commonly used in mobile phones. You can know the past days, how many times all the programs in the mobile phone have accessed your location information, files, contact list, Mi Gaofeng and so on. You can also directly view the application behavior records, and through permission management, prohibit applications that do not want to access your personal information and obtain relevant permissions.

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The picture privacy protection function can even remove the location information of the picture, picture shooting data such as device model, shooting time, etc. from the photos taken by the mobile phone. When you share photos, you can prevent these sensitive information from being known.

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The HarmonyOS 3 trial version also provides a super privacy mode, where the phone camera and location information will be completely disabled, and the most complete phone privacy protection can be made once it is turned on.

Screenshot 20221222 142127 com.huawei.security.privacycenter

Summary: There are many practical functions, surpassing the empty frame of general smart phone thinking

HUAWEI Mate50 Pro brings large aperture, night scene, and macro shooting enhancements that are of great help to shooting effects, as well as the “super transfer station” file sharing function brought by the HarmonyOS 3 trial version, which reverses many people’s perception of mobile devices. The idea of ​​processing files, and the newly added privacy protection function also further protects the personal privacy of users. If the functions of smartphones in the past can no longer satisfy you, HUAWEI Mate50 Pro introduces these powerful functions that are worth your attention.

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