June 9, 2023
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Trembling people need it! “Self-balancing tray” helps you hold drinks that almost spilled | Urban Tech Story

Have you ever spilled a drink and spilled it all over the floor? In particular, the uneven weight of the beverage tray did not make it easier to knock over. Fortunately, Fedmog Challenge developed a self-balancing tray for us hand-shaking people. Driven by Arduino Nano, it can automatically check the angle of the tray and adjust it to Maintain surface level.

This project was created from scratch from the shell to the code of the system. This automatic balancing device is composed of multiple 3D printed components to stabilize the four arms of the upper plate; each arm has three joints, and each joint is Fitted with ball bearings for smooth rotation.

According to the Fedmog Challenge, they intended to create a stable device that would hold drinks on top to prevent spills, but it didn’t work exactly as planned, instead thinking it would be improved over time.

The Arduino Nano utilizes the MPU 6050 module to measure the top plate angle in order to send commands appropriately. In addition, step-down converters, batteries, etc. are required to be portable; the main electronics are mounted on the bottom of the chassis.

Fedmog Challenge said that if you want to improve it later, you will adjust the reaction speed first, and you can correct it faster when you encounter a tilt. Also, the device is 3D printed, so the arms are a bit loose, making it difficult to accurately correct for vibrations and small movements.

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