March 30, 2023
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Tracking Dogs With AirTags?I’m afraid this idea is not very good | Urban Tech Story

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In the past, Apple has been constantly emphasizing that you should not use AirTag to track pets. The exact reason is that the official does not want to take any possible dangerous responsibility for your pet. But in fact, there is another situation, don’t you think the size of AirTag is convenient for dogs to enter?

There must be some owners who still decide to tie the AirTag to the dog’s collar, but when the dog drills a hole or is caught by an object, the collar may fall off, and the owner will not be able to know exactly what their pet is. Where did it go, and Apple thought of this situation from the beginning, and did not want to bear the responsibility for the loss of pets for the owner, so in the past, it kept telling users not to use it on pets.

But another unexpected situation is that the diameter of the AirTag is about 31.9mm, which can be easily hung on the dog’s collar; but relatively, this size is also very convenient for medium or large dogs. Swallowed the AirTag.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” report, a dog owner named Colin Mortimer found that the AirTag on his dog’s collar was missing, and immediately used the “Find” app on the iPhone to find the AirTag, and after determining the location Plays the sound, and the AirTag rings from the belly of his other dog.

In fact, the incident of pets eating AirTag by mistake is not news. Some people shared on the foreign forum Reddit that their Doberman pinscher swallowed an AirTag. Some even claimed to have seen a dog swallow an AirTag in a dog park. AirTag. And a veterinarian in Louisiana also told the Wall Street Journal that he has treated 6 dogs who swallowed AirTag in the past 18 months, and in each case, the dog accidentally ate it and hung it on the collar. AirTag.

According to several cases on the Internet, the AirTag swallowed by the pet may safely pass through the dog’s digestive system (it may still be used normally when taken out), but this is a lucky case, if the AirTag is in the pet’s digestive tract. If it is damaged, there will be serious consequences, because the battery used by the AirTag is a CR2032 button battery, which will emit corrosive substances if damaged.

If your dog chews a few times while swallowing the AirTag, the corrosive substances in the battery can hurt the dog’s mouth or stomach, and even cause poisoning.

(Source of the first picture: Science and Technology News)

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