June 7, 2023
zhu tu rui yang ju ban shou jie an quan cheng shi she ji jing sai 960

To promote developers to pay attention to information security, Ruiyang held the first security program development competition

Software development security has been discussed for many years. In addition to relying on various code security tests, there are still many difficulties in how to enable developers to develop secure programming capabilities. Recently, there are domestic companies that have invested in the field of security program development for a long time. Related training platforms, and by holding competitions, encourage developers to pay attention to secure programming. At the end of August this year, Ruiyang Information held a security program development competition, which was conducted simultaneously in the Taipei field, the Tainan field, and the online field, and was divided into a social group and a student group, attracting more than 400 people to challenge. Basically, this competition is divided into two stages. Participants can first use the Secure Code Warrior training platform represented by Ruiyang to carry out 21 days of information security ability development, and then compete through the competition.

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