March 28, 2023
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To assist students in job interviews Wuhan University sets up soundproof video kiosks – Hong Kong

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the working environment of many companies has changed. Meetings that used to require in-person attendance have been changed to video-based formats. Even recruiting employees is no exception. Some agencies have begun to require job seekers to conduct video-based interviews. Chinese media recently reported that Wuhan University’s “interview booth” specially set up for students has recently become a topic of discussion among netizens.

It is reported that students are required to conduct video interviews by companies when applying for jobs, resulting in a sharp increase in the demand for spaces that can maintain privacy and tranquility. Students interviewing in the quiet library will disturb other students, and interviewing in the dormitory will have a cluttered background. Roommates are also embarrassed to be present. In order to solve the problem that students could not find suitable video interview venues, Wuhan University specially set up “interview booths”.

This is a personal space composed of metal and glass, in addition to tables and chairs, suitable lighting and sound insulation, the glass film will also protect privacy. Students who need a video interview can use it by applying for an appointment on the university website. The university lecturer said that the “interview booth” has temporarily opened a pilot, and it is expected that it will gradually increase and continue to open to meet the increasing number of appointments.

Data and picture sources:cnbeta Mewe page:

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