March 30, 2023
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Tim Cook met with the Prime Minister of Japan to discuss the built-in My Number ID card function in iOS

Apple President Tim Cook visited Japan at the beginning of the month. In addition to inspecting Sony and Apple Watch strap factories, he also met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. According to recent reports, the two discussed various topics at the time, including the hope of iOS Join the My Number ID card function.

According to sources, during the meeting, the two mainly talked about Apple’s investment in Japan, whether the App Store policy violated competition laws, and whether the My Number ID card function could be built into iOS. My Number is a personal ID card launched by the Japanese government as early as 2016. It integrates various government services. It is similar to Hong Kong’s ID card. However, only more than 60% of Japanese citizens apply for it, and many people are even more worried about privacy and security. .

It is reported that after Kishida Fumio proposed to Tim Cook to add this function to iOS (some states in the United States already have a similar function, allowing users to add a digital version of the ID card to the wallet app), Tim Cook initially agreed, but he did not agree. I am worried about the processing of My Number. I hope that the Japanese government will ensure the security of data processing. At the same time, I also urge Prime Minister Kishida not to sacrifice the privacy and security of iPhone users when formulating App Store-related regulations.


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