March 25, 2023
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TikTok platform will launch “adult-restricted” live broadcast function: live broadcasters can choose to only let adults watch – TechNave

Well-known short video and live broadcast platformTikTokAnnounced that it will raise the minimum age limit for TikTok live streamers from 16 to18 years old. They also plan to roll out new features,Give live stream creators the option to watch only adults

TikTok said, “TikTok’s foundation is built on community trust and safety. To protect our users and creators, and support their welfare, we are constantly working to develop the safeguards we implement.”

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The company also pointed out that some streamers may want to try comedy routines that are more suitable for the over-18 crowd, while other creators may want to share difficult life experiences that they know only adults can see these conversations, which makes them feel More comfortable.

It’s important to note that adults here are a platform where explicit content can thrive. However, TikTok currently strictly prohibits content traditionally considered to be related to adults, such as nudity, pornography or sexually explicit content.

TikTok has yet to say whether the “adults-only” live-streaming feature will be more lenient. In addition, TikTok will raise the minimum age limit for live broadcasters from November 23 this year, when only adult users can broadcast live.

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TikTok’s live-streaming platform for adults will launch in the coming weeks. In addition, TikTok’s live broadcast platform will also add some new features, including a Multi-Guest function, which allows live broadcasters to live broadcast with up to 5 visitors, and a live keyword filter tool. For more details click here to learn more.

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