April 1, 2023
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TikTok live-streaming begging for Syrian refugees’ donations was ripped up to 69% – Hong Kong unwire.hk

Recently, there have been frequent live broadcasts of begging from Syrian refugee camps on TikTok, and they will make money through virtual gifts sent by TikTok users during the live broadcast. However, a BBC investigation found that the original live donation of US$106 (approximately HK$832), after the weakening of the multi-layer platform, finally only US$19 (approximately HK$149) fell into the hands of Syrian refugees, of which TikTok’s share of commissions was even more 70%.

In order to raise money for her blind daughter’s surgery, Mona, who lost her husband, repeats “Like”, “Please share” and “Please reward” in English during a 2-3 hour TikTok live broadcast with her 6 daughters every day. , making money from virtual gifts given by viewers during live broadcasts.

2022 10 21 14.27.06Image source: BBC

Live broadcasts of this kind of begging are becoming more and more popular on TikTok, and local TikTok intermediaries interviewed by the BBC said they would work with TikTok affiliates in China and the Middle East to provide local families with mobile phones and equipment for live broadcasts. The intermediary pointed out that the British are the most generous, so local families will be provided with British calling cards. According to TikTok’s algorithm, the live begging will be recommended to British people.

Since TikTok refused to disclose the proportion of virtual gifts, the BBC sent a virtual gift worth US$106 (about HK$832) to a Syrian family who was begging on live broadcast to find out the truth. To $33 (about HK$259), TikTok’s commission ratio is 69%, and after 10% and 35% of fees charged by money changers and intermediaries, they finally earned only $19 (about HK$149).

Tiktok users have polarized opinions on the begging live broadcast. Some people send virtual gifts as support, but some people worry that the live begging broadcast is a scam. TikTok said it will take swift action against exploitative begging and will no longer allow related live content to appear on TikTok. Although TikTok has clarified that its commission ratio is much lower than 70%, it still refuses to disclose the exact ratio.


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