April 1, 2023
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[There is a film]The Line in Saudi Arabia builds an aerial film of 170 kilometers, a next-generation city with a population of 9 million

Aerial photography company Ot Sky has captured footage of the construction of The Line megacity in Saudi Arabia, which shows preparations for the construction of an underground transport system.

According to information released by Ot Sky, Saudi Arabia has begun construction of the megacity The Line. The video saw my construction vehicles and delivery vehicles driving on the site, and also saw engineers surveying the floor.



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The Line, a human-centred future city concept created by NEOM in Saudi Arabia, was released in January 2021 by Prince and NEOM Chairman of the Board of Directors Mohammed bin Salman as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan. The project is designed for approximately 9 million inhabitants and covers an area of ​​170 km. Buildings, park levels, pedestrian spaces, schools, houses and workplaces will be built inside the project.

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