March 28, 2023
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[There is a film]Foreign test RTX 4090 to play “Genshin Impact” in 13K quality, ultra-high resolution is like a moving picture, and the whole process maintains 30 FPS

At present, the strongest 4090 graphics card in the Nvidia RTX series has been launched. The 4090 graphics card is equipped with the new NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, the fourth generation Tensor core and the third generation RT core. Some players set the resolution to 13K and tried to play Genshin Impact with this graphics card.

2022 11 01 20.07.43

2022 11 01 20.06.56

2022 11 01 20.08.38

The video comes from a YouTuber called Golden Reviewer. After actual measurement, it is found that the FPS of the game running “Genshin Impact” at a resolution of 13K can also maintain an average of about 30FPS.

2022 11 01 20.06.16

▲You can see that the picture is 13K resolution

2022 11 01 下午3.03.20 1

▲FPS maintains an average of about 30FPS

2022 11 01 下午3.04.15

▲ The upper left of the screen shot in the game shows all the data, and it will not be out of frame when you zoom in, and the resolution is good.

source:Golden Reviewer’s YouTube

Image Source:Golden Reviewer’s YouTube

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