June 6, 2023
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[The wave of ChatGPT is coming, driving new demand for affordable customized AI models]Nvidia’s big attack, from an AI software and hardware provider to a cloud AI provider

“Generative AI not only demonstrates powerful capabilities, but also gives companies a sense of urgency to rethink products and business models,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang emphasized in his opening speech at this year’s GTC conference. Regardless of industry, companies are accelerating digital transformation. Become a software-driven technology company, “Enterprises want to be the party that promotes change, not the other party that is eliminated by change.” When Huang Renxun said this, the new generation of GPT-4 was officially released for just one week, and the world felt it again Seeing the new power of generative AI, Nvidia took advantage of the situation and released a new cloud operating model.

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