May 28, 2023

The temperature of technology brings us one step closer to “living poetically”

from ChatGPT From the moment it appeared in sight, it became my most important assistant and work partner. It organizes the material for me and discovers new ideas; it proofreads my sentences and suggests revisions; it helps me find the right quotes and examples to save my hairline. A tool like ChatGPT takes care of the trivial for us, lightens our cognitive load; and it’s also unassuming, always in the background, never showing its presence.

It is a pity that technological progress has not yet synchronized with life. Whenever I break away from work, return to real life, and re-look at the physical space I am in, I will inevitably feel lost: the air is turbid, air conditioners, windows and air purifiers cannot be combined; the clothes in the washing machine are forgotten to dry , there is a faint musty smell; to turn on a certain home appliance, you have to rummage through a bunch of remote controls for a long time…


If only our home could be like ChatGPT How smart it would be. If the air at home is so fresh that it feels like being in the mountains, and the washed clothes smell like sunshine; the air conditioner, stereo, curtains and lights at home can work hand in hand to accompany us to fall asleep quickly when we are tired, and we can wake up in the morning instantly. Energetic.

Fortunately, such an ideal has also begun to reflect reality.

01 man is the measure of all things

If we talk about the most complicated place in the home environment, it should be the kitchen: every kitchen full of life contains a thousand flavors of life; in a small space with an average of only 6.1 square meters, it carries wind and fire. Convergence of hydropower.

In other words, to put it more plainly: traditional kitchens are hot, crowded and smelly; as a talk show actor said,People use the same verb for going to the kitchen and for going to hell.


Humans are troublesome creatures. Stir-fried shrimp requires high temperature, but you don’t want the smoke to smoke your face; pork belly needs to be kept fresh for a long time, but you don’t want it to be frozen hard—often you are very hungry and don’t want to move; you just want to eat and don’t want to wash the pot.

Fortunately, there are sages to support us. The ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras said: “Man is the measure of all things.” No matter how troublesome people are, a good life should take people’s feelings as the first goal, and cooking should be easy and delicious.

But ease and deliciousness are often not compatible. People have made great efforts, but it wasn’t until the rapid development of smart home appliances in the 21st century that people’s use experience was paid attention to.

Good home appliances should be close to human nature and pay attention to our feelings. They not only solve the basic performance requirements that home appliances can meet, but also care about the specific experience and feelings of us and our families—this is the ability that Midea Human Sensing Technology wants to provide.

A series of new human-sensing technology products recently launched by Midea give us a glimpse of such a future life. Qimei’s matrix of human-sensing technology kitchen products hopes that the kitchen can bring users a special feeling:

  • Just like the cool kitchen air conditioner with super large cooling capacity, global oil fume prevention technology and mini small size, it not only intercepts oil fume efficiently, is beautiful and easy to install, but also allows users to enjoy a comfortable temperature of 26 degrees in the extremely hot kitchen. Focus on cooking without sweating;
  • With precise freezing point control, microcrystalline taste refrigerator equipped with pulse purification technology and 99.99% germ removal ability, it can not only meet the fresh-keeping needs of various ingredients, but also allow meat ingredients to be cooked without thawing, enjoying the fresh and tender taste;
  • The crystal flame instant dishwasher with double water pressure of the five-arm hurricane and a hot-rotating engine can not only wash 15 sets of heavily oily tableware and oil pans at one time, but also quickly dry them in 9 minutes, and prevent bacteria from returning to moisture for 7 days. Keep dishes clean and dry.


Midea’s human-sensing technology, comfortable kitchen, cool kitchen air conditioner, let you cook comfortably and keep you cool

After all, only when you take care of your feelings can you really have fun. Not just in the kitchen, but in the whole house.

We not only need the air conditioner to adjust the temperature, but also want to breathe clean air like the forest. The central air conditioner can not only cool and heat the whole house, but also integrates floor heating, fresh air, humidification and sterilization and purification systems to improve the whole house. Air comfort, so that every family member can enjoy the exclusive comfortable body feeling; we not only want the clothes to be washed clean, but also want the clothes to be soft and have the smell of sunshine. The comfortable skin feeling vitality washing and drying set is equipped with non-porous Antibacterial washing, COCO vitality stick and three-effect antibacterial drying, give clothes a comfortable skin feeling that goes beyond washing. The concept of user needs plus technology plus human touch technology is the new model of home appliances suitable for this new era.


Midea Human Sensing Technology·Comfortable Skin Sensation Vitality Washing and Drying Set, Makes Clothes More Comfortable and Fitting

This is the “human-sensing technology” that pays attention to our feelings. Fortunately, Midea’s human-sensing technology has penetrated into home appliances related to air, food, water, clothing and cleaning, making home appliances human-oriented, measuring home life in the age of technology with a human scale, and leading us into a world that is compatible with technological development. Equipped with the era of smart home.

02 “I am natural”

In 1991, Mark Weiser, the chief scientist of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, proposed the concept of “ubiquitous computing” (Ubiquitous Computing): Computing should be able to be embedded in the environment, and computing devices should be , a servant, becomes a steward.

In the field of home appliances, it should be even more so. The exploration of this field has given birth to the interdisciplinary subject of “Human Factors Science”. Its concept is “human-centered”: In the family, the feeling is often not what a single home appliance can give, but a combination of multiple feelings. , Emotions and experiences that are communicated and coordinated by multiple functions.

The “Human-Intelligence Intelligence” proposed by Midea considers more and thinks for people: based on the human-influenced intelligence, Midea’s INFINI Boundless series will be based on various sensors and automation technologies, according to people’s physiology, psychology, behavior, etc. and other objective data to provide us with intelligent solutions that vary from person to person.

Imagine a scene like this: on a spring morning, fifteen minutes before your usual wake-up time, the lights start to light up slowly, and the volume of soft music gradually increases; when it’s time to wake up, the curtains automatically open, and the sun shines into the room, waking you up. sleeping you. At this time, the smart air system has replaced fresh air for the whole house, and adjusted the temperature and humidity, making you feel like you are in the forest. Walking into the bathroom, the shower temperature you are used to will make you energetic immediately. All of these are active services of “Human-Intelligence”.

“Human-driven intelligence” means that home appliances must be able to link, learn, and automatically adjust their status and functions according to different situations. Midea’s full-stack Internet of Things (Quick-Connect), global super-sensing (Home-Space), and active learning (Self-Evolve) technologies are precisely for such situations that vary from person to person.

  • The full-stack Internet of Things is the foundation of human-factor intelligence: no matter what kind of home appliances, they can be quickly connected together and can communicate collaboratively;
  • Global super-sensing is the core of human-factor intelligence: accurately judge users and behaviors while avoiding privacy leaks;
  • Active learning is the soul of human-caused intelligence: continuous evolution based on user behavior habits, so that home appliances can also vary from person to person, and thousands of people have thousands of faces.


Beauty is due to intelligence, and thousands of situations vary from person to person

Midea’s INFINI·Wuji series has a Combo IoT chip that supports both Wi-Fi and BLE communication protocols. With its help, the collaborative distribution network technology Friends Connect allows home appliances to quickly find home appliance friends and realize one-click interconnection; Millimeter-wave radar, infrared thermal sensing, air temperature sensing and other sensing technologies, combined with the recognition algorithm running in the local chip, home appliances can perceive our location and behavior; through the condition-triggered IFTTT engine, home appliances have more than With 15,000 trigger conditions, nearly 30,000 actions can be performed, and it can continue to learn our living habits.

This kind of ability makes the ideal life we ​​imagined come true; and the INFINI Boundless series of the United States can even go further than our imagination:

  • For example, air conditioners and air purifiers can adjust different environmental modes according to the content of negative oxygen ions and tiny particles in the air, and achieve air renewal in a room of 120 square meters in 2 minutes;
  • The refrigerator has been tested on 200 kinds of food materials, and can enter the food materials into big data management, accurately calculate the shelf life and remaining amount of food, and automatically send the matching food spectrum to the micro-steamer;
  • The oven can automatically identify the cookedness of the food, automatically adjust the cooking curve, and share the time-lapse video of the food to the circle of friends, making us gorgeously transformed into Chinese little masters;
  • Water equipment automatically identifies water quality, provides water quality reports to share with water appliances, and will automatically match the best mode regardless of water demand;
  • Midea even specially designed a baby coaxing mode for the little masters at home. After one to three weeks of self-study in the cloud housekeeper, it can link air conditioners, speakers, lights, humidifiers and other equipment to create a comfortable sleeping environment for babies.


Beauty is due to intelligence, and thousands of situations vary from person to person

Just as a smartphone packs complex internal software, hardware and operating logic with a simple appearance and operation, these technologies hide complex perception and operation behind simple interactions, leaving only a comfortable feeling for people—no matter when, Whatever. This is ideal technology: the best technologies are those that people don’t need to pay attention to, and don’t need to feel.

Because of human intelligence, thousands of situations vary from person to person, and people will not feel the difference. As the “Tao Te Ching” said: “Too high, I don’t know what it is… After success, the people all say ‘I am natural’.”

03 It is technology and beauty

Today’s ideal living environment is the symbiosis between man and nature, and the integration of home and art; everything is natural and harmonious, like a gift from nature. Smart home appliances should be participants and witnesses of the good times at home, and integrated with the living space – this is the charm of Midea’s “habitat design”, which makes home appliances no longer ordinary, but integrated into life color and temperature.

Midea’s INFINI·Boundless series has launched two natural primary colors of ink shadow gray and polar white. With the original color and natural texture derived from nature, combined with modern 3D etchingTechnological innovations such as optical textures and optical textures enrich the visual layers of the appearance of home appliances and make the touch more moist and delicate.

In addition to the natural and original design concept, Midea has also created smart home appliances that integrate soft geometry and smart interaction:

  • In terms of shape, the pursuit of a straight and integrated outline shape allows the perfect integration of home appliances and home furnishing;
  • And through the meticulous ergonomic design, while creating a minimalist sense of space, it also makes us safer and more comfortable. The washing machine cabinet uses rounded corners to avoid sharp edges and corners; the dishwasher can be combined with the cabinet panel to perfectly integrate into the kitchen space; the ultra-thin fully embedded refrigerator opens at a 90° right angle, and the left and right can almost fit the cabinet.

And these advanced products that combine humanities and technology will integrate themselves into the home space, and will not overwhelm the guest, but serve silently.


Midea’s INFINI Boundless series, feeling life, boundless imagination

We are entering a whole new era.We will be taken care of by smart home appliances that are hidden in our lives, and they will put our feelings first; just as we will get used to having ChatGPT Such artificial intelligence will be the co-pilot and accept its service to make us feel satisfied and happy.

This day did not come out of the blue. In 1967, Richard Brautigan, poet-in-residence at the California Institute of Technology, predicted in his poem: “We will… return to our mammalian brothers and sisters, and loving machines Look after everything.”

A system of smart home appliances is bound to move towards a more human-like, human-intellectual, and human-living direction. Midea’s human-sensing technology, which returns to the real needs of users, will allow home appliances to focus on human feeling as the first goal, work together in different situations, and integrate into the entire atmosphere of the family. Our home appliances will pay more attention to our feelings and be more imagined; our homes will record richer emotions and store better memories. A comfortable and comfortable lifestyle has arrived.

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