June 6, 2023
Apple Watch救命,跌落山谷用手表拨电求救,库克亲自回信问候

The teenager thanked the Apple Watch for saving his life, and when he fell into the valley, he used the watch to call for help. Cook wrote back in person to greet him- TechNave 中文版

Apple Watch has saved the lives of users more than once. Unfortunately, an Indian teenager fell from a high altitude to the bottom of the canyon, but successfully used the Apple Watch to get rescued. Then Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) personally responded to the incident.

Lonavla in the western Indian state of Maharashtra is popular with walkers, but the trekking route has seen at least seven accidents this year before July 11, 2022. And the seventh is the protagonist of this article, Smit Metha (Smit Metha), who fell into a valley about 130 feet during the hike.

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In an interview with the local media Times of India, Mehta said that he did not know where his two companions were at the time, and broke the ankles of both feet during the fall, and his iPhone 13 happened to be in the hands of his companions.

Fortunately, after falling to the bottom, he found that the Apple Watch Series 7 he was wearing still had a signal, so he immediately called his parents and friends. The crash happened at around 3 pm local time, and the emergency services successfully rescued him 2 hours after receiving the call for help.

The incident happened in July of this year, and while he was recovering, he wrote to Tim Cook to express his gratitude to Apple. “My Apple Watch has saved my life and allowed me to make those important calls for help,” he wrote in the letter.

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Cook then replied:

“I am so happy to hear that you are recovering physically. This sounds like a terrible accident. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us and I wish you a speedy recovery.”

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