June 6, 2023
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The Stadia controller will become a normal Bluetooth controller and will not become waste after the service ends- Hong Kong unwire.hk

Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia has announced earlier that it will cease operations due to poor response, and the controllers that match the gaming platform are facing the fate of becoming garbage. However, Google recently stated that they will launch an update to make Stadia’s handles become ordinary Bluetooth handles.

When Google launched the Stadia cloud gaming platform, this controller was also launched at the same time. The initial positioning was to directly connect to the device operated by Stadia. Although there is a Bluetooth chip inside, it has not been activated, so it has been unable to operate games other than Stadia. Recently, Google announced that the controller firmware update will be launched next week, users can remove the Bluetooth function restrictions by themselves, and use the controller as a normal Bluetooth controller on other devices.

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Google Stadia will officially cease operation on January 18. All content purchased on Stadia can be refunded, and some game manufacturers also allow players to transfer game progress to other platforms. Although the platform is coming to an end, Google recently released the last game Worm Game as a farewell, a small game they used to test before launching the platform in 2019.


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