May 28, 2023

The president of NISMO confirmed in an interview that Nissan is developing an electric high-performance sports car- Hong Kong

Faced with the fierce electric vehicle boom, traditional automakers have been actively transforming in recent years. In addition to launching the Leaf and Ariya electric vehicles, Nissan has also launched a variety of hybrid vehicles using e-POWER technology in the market. For many car fans, they are also concerned about where Nissan’s sports car will go in the transformation process. Recently, when interviewed by foreign media, Nismo President Takao Katagiri revealed the new trend of Nissan sports car.

Nismo is Nissan’s racing division, and its president Takao Katagiri revealed in an interview with the website Autocar that Nissan is currently developing a new electric performance car for the North American and European markets. Takao Katagiri specifically named the right-hand drive UK market, saying that the local performance car market is very important to Nissan. He asked car fans to wait patiently. The new Nissan sports car will be launched in the UK under the name of Nismo.

Katagiri Takao also revealed that this performance car will have two versions, hybrid and pure electric, but the former will be launched first. Nissan announced the 2023 Z series sports car earlier. As for another classic GT-R, it has been discontinued. The hybrid and pure electric sports car that Takao Katagiri refers to may fill the gap.

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