June 7, 2023
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The police’s “anti-fraud device” recorded more than 70,000 searches and nearly 16% of the results were true frauds

At the end of September, the Hong Kong police launched a database called “Anti-Scam Device” to allow the public to identify whether suspected calls and emails are fraudulent. Recently, they released the data, saying that there have been more than 74,000 searches so far, of which nearly 16 % The result is a real scam.

The database named “Anti-Fraud Video Device” is updated daily through channels such as citizen reports and information security companies. Users can enter the relevant platform account name or number, payment account, phone number, email address in the search engine. Addresses, URLs, etc., to assess fraud and cybersecurity risks. The police said that the current search has 44,000 phone numbers and 14,000 social platform account names. Calculated based on 16% of the results reported as scams, it has successfully avoided losses of up to 600 million yuan.

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The police also stated that the scammers will use a communication device called “Maochi” to make calls through multiple SIM cards, and at the same time hire the victim to make fraudulent calls with local phone numbers, in order to cast a net to find victims. In February next year, the real-name system for calling cards will be implemented to combat this kind of behavior. At present, it will also cooperate with other units to improve the search scope of “anti-fraud devices”.

source:Ming Pao,gatekeeper

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