June 6, 2023
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The police arrested 2 men for flying in restricted areas under the “Small Drone Order”.

The government introduced the Small Drones Order in June this year and introduced a six-month grace period to help the public transition through the new regulation. The “Small UAV Order” was officially implemented this month. The police and the Civil Aviation Department conducted the first joint law enforcement operation after the expiration of the grace period of the “Small UAV Order” on both sides of the Victoria Harbor from December 9th to 11th. A total of 4 unmanned aircraft were seized during the operation. machine and arrested two men.

Superintendent Yu Zhaoquan of the Large-scale Event Planning Group of the Major Accident Division of the Police Force said that a total of 4 violations of the “Small Drone Order” were discovered during the operation, and a total of 4 drones were seized, involving 4 men aged between 20 and 41. Among them, a 20-year-old non-Chinese man and a 41-year-old local man were involved in flying two Class A and II small drones into the restricted flight area above the Court of Final Appeal and the West Kowloon Control Station of the High Speed ​​Rail.

The two people involved in the case were not registered as remote pilots, and they did not register their Class A and II small drones. “flying”, “violating flight altitude requirements” and “flying in a restricted flight area without permission” arrested two people. The case was handed over to Team 1 of the Criminal Investigation Team of the Central District Police District and Team 9 of the Criminal Investigation Team of the Yau Tsim District Police District for follow-up. The two have been released on bail pending investigation and must report to the police in early January next year.

The other two local men, aged 28 and 32, violated the flight altitude requirements of the Small UAV Order when flying a Category A small UAV in Yau Tsim District, and flew the UAV to a restricted flight area without permission. Follow-up investigation by Civil Aviation Department.

source:Hong Kong Police Facebook

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