June 9, 2023
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The painter’s job is lost? Adobe accepts selling AI pictures: but must follow the rules – TechNave 中文版

Recently, the game of AI painting or AI automatic production of photos has become popular all over the Internet. Although most people are just taking pictures for fun, there are always some people who hope to make some money by this. And refuse to accept. But now Adobe has opened up a way for this and started selling AI pictures.

Adobe states in the updated version of the terms and conditions,Accept AI-generated imagery assets with a number of restrictions. Specifically, the uploader needs to obtain the source authorization of all the AI-generated works, including pictures and text content, and if the image is similar to someone’s appearance, he must obtain the portrait right.

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Adobe will accept AI-drawn pictures on its own gallery platform. They said that although productive AI is hugely controversial, Adobe is committed to leading the development of technology and becoming a more powerful tool for artists, and it will not replace human imagination. . Adobe believes that productive AI can be a great tool to enhance creativity and speed up the creative process, benefiting both consumers and producers of digital assets.

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Although accepting the pictures drawn by AI, Adobe has also formulated strict specifications, prohibiting contributors from plagiarizing the works of artists, and not explicitly mentioning specific people, places and properties without permission, and clearly identifying that the pictures are created by AI of. In addition, Adobe also checks these images and deletes them if they violate the rules.

At the same time, if these AI images face copyright lawsuits, Adobe will protect and bear the losses of buyers. For more technology information, please continue to stay on the Chinese version of TechNave!


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