March 25, 2023
zhu tu da tuo

The OTC company Datuo-KY subsidiary suffered an information security incident. Japan Datuo announced a preliminary investigation and stated that it was attacked by ransomware

In 2016, Daito Me Holdings Co., Ltd, a Gaiman Islands businessman, and Daito Me Holdings Co., Ltd, which was listed in Taiwan’s OTC center, and Daito-KY, an OTC electronics company, listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on the 17th of this month. Release major information to reveal the status of information security incidents. About Datuo-KY, the company is mainly engaged in the agency of motors and electronic parts, as well as the assembly products of factory automation equipment and embedded computers. According to the company’s major information content, the incident occurred in Japan’s Daito Me Co., Ltd, a 100%-owned subsidiary, after they detected a virus attack on their internal information system, the capital The security team has activated the defense mechanism and backup operation at the first time. In response to the incident, the company stated that it will continue to work with external information companies to deal with it, and has also notified the Japanese government law enforcement agencies. At present, the internal information system is in operation one after another.

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