June 4, 2023
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The opening up of the financial industry to the cloud will have a major loosening!In the future, the overseas public cloud is not a major consumer financial application, and the application is exempted

The Financial Regulatory Commission announced on the 7th that there will be a major loosening of the outsourcing measures for the financial industry. In particular, the regulations on the use of the cloud in the financial industry will be greatly relaxed. In the future, only major consumer financial applications that need to be uploaded to overseas public clouds, and the type designated by the competent authority, will be required to apply for approval , the rest do not need to apply. Compared with four years ago, the Financial Supervisory Commission has gone a step further this time in loosening the constraints on the cloud for the financial industry. The correction method will be officially announced for 60 days from this week, and the fastest Q3 will be officially on the road. In the past, when banks outsourced the use of cloud services, as long as they involved major outsourcing operations (such as customer data) or entrusted operations to overseas public clouds, they had to apply for approval from the Financial Supervisory Commission in advance, which took a lot of time. Considering the above The cloud is becoming increasingly important to the digital transformation of the financial industry and the agility and elasticity of financial services, so the Financial Supervisory Commission decided to adjust and relax the cloud operation regulations.

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