March 28, 2023
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The official announcement has the most upgrades ever! Redmi Note 12 series released this month: the first Dimensity 1080 and 210W fast charge, starting from about RM652? – Urban Tech Story

Today, Redmi announced that it will launch a new generation of “Experience Little King Kong” this month——Redmi Note 12!claim to beThe biggest upgrade in the history of the Note seriesnot only has two new technologies that are “handsome and explosive” in the world, but also has the slogan of “making high-end products popular”.

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From this point of view, the Redmi Note 12 series will bring users quite good performance.From what is known so far, the Redmi Note 12 series will be equipped withMediaTek Dimensity 1080 processorhas a rear 50MP, and the sensor size is about 1/1.5 inch, which is TOP-level in the same gear.

The Redmi Note 12 series will use a center-mounted punch-hole screen with a resolution of FHD+. In terms of fast charging, from the perspective of network access information, Redmi Note 12 will be equipped with a 67W charger; Redmi Note 12 Pro will be equipped with a 120W charger; Redmi Note 12 Pro+ will be equipped with a 210W charger.

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In terms of price, the Redmi Note 12 should be priced atBetween 1000-1500 yuan (about RM652 to RM979)while the Redmi Note 12 Pro should be priced atBetween 1500-2000 yuan (about RM652 to RM1,305)

The official release date has not yet been announced. For more mobile information, please continue to hold the Urban Tech Story version!


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