April 1, 2023
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The next step in GCP’s multi-cloud strategy, building a general data cloud with multi-cloud data warehousing as the core

“Data is the core of digital transformation,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said in his opening speech at the 2022 Next conference, pointing out the new direction of GCP’s strategy, which is the third major adjustment of GCP’s strategic goals. In 2015, Google decided to transform from an advertising company model to a cloud company that focuses on cloud revenue. Google set up a cloud department and officially entered the enterprise cloud market in 2016. It has undergone three major strategic changes. Every strategic turn is more focused, from the advertising consumer market to the enterprise-level cloud market, from taking all kinds of enterprises to specializing in digital transformation enterprises. Now the third stage of the strategy is to narrow the target again and aim at enterprise digital The core of transformation is data.

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