April 1, 2023
iCloud Beta 测试中:有预览照片、邮件、iCloud Drive等,像iOS操作界面

The new web version of iCloud is in beta testing: there are preview photos, emails, iCloud Drive, etc., like the iOS interface

Apple recently introduced a new design for the iCloud.com website, and the updated design is significantly different from the current iCloud design, showing a full tile with previews of Photos, Mail, iCloud Drive, Notes, and more on a customizable home page .

Users can choose their most-used apps for the iCloud home page, choosing from all of the apps above, as well as apps including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Calendar.

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In addition, Apple has also slightly redesigned some apps, adjusting the toolbar and button positions for a more streamlined experience.

Anyone can see the new iCloud interface by visiting the beta testing site. It will be tested for a while, and after Apple fixes any bugs in the design, the new look may be extended to the main iCloud website.

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