June 9, 2023
fireshot capture 1510 heads up amazon s3 security changes are coming in april of 2023 a aws.amazon.com

The new storage bucket of S3 will be fully preset to prohibit public access and disable ACL in April next year

AWS expects to make two security changes to S3, and bucket security practices will automatically go into effect in April 2023 and expand to all AWS regions within weeks. Once the region change takes effect, all newly created storage buckets in this region will be defaulted to prohibit S3 public access and disable the access control list (ACL). The official mentioned that these two options have long been the default configuration of the console, and have always been the recommended best practice, and now these options will become the use of S3 API, S3 CLI, AWS SDK or AWS CloudFormation templates, create Preset options for buckets.

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