March 25, 2023
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The new advertising space of the App Store is occupied by gambling apps. Foreign media: 3 out of 10 ads are gambling apps

Several application developers found that the newly added advertising space in the App Store has been occupied by gambling applications. Many developers on Twitter expressed their dissatisfaction that a large number of gambling advertisements were placed in the App Store.

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Starting on the 25th of this month, Apple has added two advertising spaces in the App Store, namely “You may also like” and the search page of the application.Currently, there are four ad slots in the App Store, and all ads have an “Ad” icon with a blue background, allowing users to identify the ad.The ads in the “you might also like” position appear to be unusual.Developer Simon Stovring found the location had a high rate of advertisements for gambling apps, with a 30% chance of appearing.

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These gambling apps allow players to buy digital currency and use it to participate in gambling-type games, including blackjack, poker, roulette, and more. Some apps inform users that they can redeem in-game winnings for cash via PayPal, Apple Pay, or a bank card.

source:Simon Stovring Twitter

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