April 1, 2023
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The National Health Insurance Administration needs to add the virtual health insurance card to Apple Wallet, and it also needs to be connected to Jiekou, Line Pay and other electronic payment apps to improve the cash flow.

The virtual health insurance card is an important tool for digital medicine, and it is also a national policy strongly promoted by the National Health Insurance Agency. Li Bozhang, director of the Health Insurance Department, revealed recently that the Health Insurance Department is considering adding virtual health insurance cards to Apple Wallet, and also plans to connect street payment, Line Pay, and medical action payment APAY (APAY) to improve The cash flow of medical mobilization. This year, we will fully implement the three fields of home medical treatment, telemedicine and video diagnosis and treatment. Li Bo-zhang pointed out at the meeting of hospital information directors in Taiwan a few days ago (10/28) that virtual health insurance cards are the key to the future development of digital medical care. This is because, for a long time, hospitals need to have three physical cards, including health insurance cards, medical staff cards, and hospital security module cards, to conduct medical services under the condition of ensuring information security.

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