June 6, 2023
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The most beautiful dream!This site lets you build the iPhone of your dreams | TechNews

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Now there are rumors of the iPhone 14 in the market, consumers should be able to spell out the appearance of the new iPhone 14 series; but presumably some people are not satisfied with the design of the iPhone 14, creative developer Neal Agarwal has built a website to allow users to build their dream iPhones , whether adding a charging hole to your iPhone, changing the color, or adding accessories you never thought possible.

When you enter the website, it will give you a blank phone (no lens, buttons, any logo), but from the appearance, it can be seen that the blank phone should be the iPhone 13 Pro. Users can add buttons, lenses, logos, etc. to the blank mobile phone according to their creativity.

The website is pretty fun, and users can cram all designs that don’t fit together into one phone. In addition to the design of the lens, users can also change the color of the iPhone at will, and can also add colors that they want to emphasize for accessories such as buttons and logos.

Although it cannot be materialized after the design is completed, it can be shared on social media such as Twitter to communicate with others.

(Source of the first image:NEAL.FUN

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