April 1, 2023

The leader of Denmark’s new party is an AI chatbot

Danish artist group Computer Lars and nonprofit arts and technology organizations MindFuture Foundation In May of this year, The Synthetic Party was established, as the name suggests, it advocates the harmonious coexistence of humans and AI.the partytrying toWin a seat in parliamentary elections this November. The public face and nominal leader of the synthetic party is the chatbot Leader Lars.It does not participate in voting, passed Discord To communicate with the population, it understands English but responds to questions in Danish. Synthetic Party policies include pushing for a basic income of DKK 100,000 per month (twice the average salary), setting up internet and IT departments, raising awareness about the role of AI in life and how governments can hold AI accountable for things like bias. The Sustainable Development Goal proposed by the Synthesis Party is Life With Artificials, which focuses on the relationship between humans and AI.

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