March 30, 2023
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The latest ugly photos of the iPhone 14 Pro? Netizens activate the special mode of Smart Island: the true face of the double-hole design is displayed at a glance! – Urban Tech Story

The iPhone 14 Pro series has been a big hit after its release, and the new Smart Island shape is one of the factors. Because of the design of the smart island, the iPhone 14 Pro series attracted the “worship” of countless fans on the day of its release, but it was later discovered that this was not a complete digging hole.Instead, Apple UI designers cleverly combined two holes of different sizes into one.

Although Apple has made good use of the OLED black pixels that do not emit light, and covered the two separate physical openings of the Smart Island with black to create an integrated effect, users have been able to see the clues under strong light before; in some specific cases During the process of the App, Smart Island showed its true colors because it did not adapt well.The ugliness of the double digging hole is displayed in a glance


A few days ago, a user with an ID of 280-Z shared a serendipitous new discovery – turn on the night dark mode that comes with iOS, then play some music to activate the Smart Island animation, go to the accessibility settings (display and text size) , and find “Smart Invert”; every time you switch, you can see the dual-hole design of the iPhone 14 Pro Smart Island.

However, the only problem that arises is that each switch is too fast, making it very difficult to get a perfect screenshot or capture. This is most likely a software bug that Apple will address in the future. Apart from the privacy indicator, iOS has no particular reason to activate the black pixels in the Smart Island.

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