June 7, 2023

“The Last of Us” Tess actress Anna Worthing died at the age of 45 | Urban Tech Story

One of the most popular and highest-rated games in history, the “Last of Us” series was widely loved by players. Actress Anna Worthing, who played the supporting actress Tess, died today at the age of 45 after two years of suffering from cancer. The game company Naughty Dog, director Druckmann and co-stars all posted their condolences.

“The Last of Us” (The Last of Us) was launched on PS3 in 2013. In addition to getting full marks in major game reviews, it is also loved by a large number of players, and was selected by game review reporters as one of the greatest games in history.

In addition to the PS4 version launched in 2014, the first part will also be released on PS5 in 2022. The second part will be released in 2020. Although the media evaluation is still very high, players have mixed opinions on the plot direction and setting , becoming a highly controversial sequel.

With HBO launching the album version of “The Last of Us” this year, this classic game has once again become popular with the high evaluation of the album. Recently, it has set a new record of two to three times the purchase volume on the British game platform.

However, in the first part, the motion capture actor Anna Wersching (Anna Wersching), who played the protagonist Joel’s important partner Tess (Tess), died of cancer today at the age of 45. The game company Naughty Dog ( Naughty Dog, game director Neil Druckmann, Troy Baker (Troy Baker) and rebel leader Marlene (Merle Dandridge) all posted condolences on social networking sites .

In addition to “The Last of Us”, Worthing is best known for his work as FBI agent Walker in the seventh and eighth seasons of “24”, the Marvel TV series “Leaving Home” and the 2002 TV series “Star Trek”. “Enterprise Number” and so on.

Anna Worthing was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and died today at the age of 45 after more than two years of treatment.

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