June 7, 2023

The Industrial Technology Research Institute and 7-ELEVEN have joined forces to start trial operation of the AMR robot delivery service in the office building of Gaoruan Park in March

With the subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ITRI has developed the AMR delivery robot Cubot ONE. Starting from March, it will cooperate with 7-ELEVEN to provide AMR robot delivery service for trial operation in the office building of Kaohsiung Software Park, preparing for the official operation next year. . This AMR delivery robot developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute will provide delivery services for 7-ELEVEN Soft Technology stores in Kaohsiung Software Park from March 1st to December 31st. Office staff in Buildings A, B, and C can place orders through the Foodomo App, and Softtech store staff will confirm the inventory status of the products, and then the AMR robot will go to pick up the ordered products, and move autonomously in the three buildings A, B, and C , to deliver the goods to the door of the office on the designated floor.

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