June 9, 2023
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The home accompaniment machine industry is shivering, and the new function of “Apple Music Singing” debuts | Urban Tech Story

Apple Music Sing hero

Every time I listen to music, I can’t help but want to sing along with the music; and now Apple has expanded the new function of Apple Music to meet the needs of users-Apple Music starts singing.

Apple pointed out that through this new feature, users can sing along to their favorite songs with real-time lyrics and adjustable vocals. “Singing on Apple Music” provides a variety of lyrics viewing methods, through which fans can perform singing forms such as lead singing, duet singing, and accompaniment singing, all integrated in the unparalleled lyrics experience of Apple Music. Sing On Apple Music combines an ever-expanding catalog of tens of millions of the world’s most singable songs. At home, on the go, alone or with friends, anyone can easily and fun sing along, no matter how and where.

Sing on Apple Music will roll out to Apple Music subscribers worldwide later this month and is available on iPhone, iPad and the new Apple TV 4K.

Oliver Schusser, Apple vice president in charge of Apple Music and Beats, said that Apple Music’s lyrics experience has always been one of the most popular features in the Apple Music service. We know that users all over the world love to sing along to their favorite songs, so we want to develop this product further so that users can interact more with music through singing. It’s really fun and I’m sure our customers will love it.

“Sing on Apple Music” features include:

adjustable vocal

Users can now control the vocal volume of songs. Among the millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog, users can decide to sing along with the original vocalist, lead their own vocals, or mix and match their vocals with the lead vocalist.

instant lyrics

When users sing along with their favorite songs, the time can be grasped more accurately. Apple Music highlights onscreen the exact moment you’re singing, as the lyrics dance to the song’s beat.

background vocals

Vocal lyrics sung simultaneously can be animated independently of the lead singer, making it easier for users to follow along.


Multiple singers will be displayed on both sides of the screen, which is convenient for singing duets or multi-singer tracks.

Apple Music will also launch a set of more than 50 dedicated accompaniment playlists, including all the classic songs, duets, choruses and carols that attract people all over the world to fully optimize the “Singing on Apple Music” experience.

(First image source: Apple)

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