March 30, 2023
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The highest sound quality experience in the series? Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro brings you wireless 24bit music enjoyment! – Urban Tech Story

Users who like to listen to music, I believe everyone knows that Samsung has updated its wireless headset products and brought you Galaxy Buds2 Pro products! This new wireless headset is officially better than the previous generation in terms of sound quality, because the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro supports wireless 24bit music playback to enhance the user’s music experience!

In this article, the editor will take you to understand how the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro allows you to experience the best sound and music experience on the hardware!

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24bit Hi-Fi high-definition sound quality is immersed in the music wireless space

The headset hardware of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro adopts 24bit Hi-Fi processing and coaxial two-way sound design, which allows the headset to play 24bit higher-definition and richer sound quality music, and also reduce the loss of music during playback.

The wireless link of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro allows users to play music through wireless headphones with the same specifications when the mobile phone is playing 24bit high-definition music, ensuring that users can hear music with the highest sound quality. Supporting this technology is the upgraded compiler that Samsung added to the Galaxy Buds2 Pro: Samsung Seamless Codec, which allows the transmission of 24bit music.

In my ears, I may not be able to hear the difference in 24bit sound quality like a music enthusiast, but from my own experience, I can clearly feel the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro in Youtube Music, Spotify, and even general sound playback. The sound quality has been greatly improved.

Noise Cancellation (ANC) + 360° Scene Surround Sound (360° Audio) make you more immersed in your own comfortable space

The other two bonus features of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro are noise reduction processing and 360° scene surround sound, allowing users to be free from external disturbance and more immersed in their own music world when using.

The noise reduction processing of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, in addition to the design of earplugs in appearance, which is inserted into the ear to reduce the infiltration of external sound, the noise reduction processing function is also added in function. Moderate noise reduction. In Samsung Wearables software, users can also use the Test Fit function to test and improve the compatibility of headphones and their ears!

As for the 360° scene surround sound, it can adjust the suitable surround sound according to the music or sound the user is listening to. Compared with the previous generation, it is more realistic and natural to watch streaming services such as Netflix or Disney+. When watching the movie, you can feel the real and natural sound experience, which is more integrated into the atmosphere of the plot!

Of course, users who use the noise reduction function don’t have to worry. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also supports Ambient Mode. As long as the user turns on this function, they can hear the outside conversation without removing the headset. In addition, there is the Voice Detect function. When a conversation sound is detected, the noise reduction will be temporarily turned off, allowing the user to have a normal conversation with others.

Additional waterproof accessories add an extra layer of security to the earphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro is a portable earphone. You can see that its design is very small. Some users may worry that the charging box of this earphone is easy to fall, which will cause damage to the appearance.

Samsung actually launched a charging case cover for this phone. As the name suggests, it is of course designed to protect the charging case. The transparent design not only allows you to clearly see the eye-catching colors of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, but this case also has an additional waterproof function. , allowing users to take this headset to more places, including the pool, the beach, and even the bathroom!

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From now until October 31st, users can simply purchase at the official Samsung store orOfficial website, when you buy Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, you will get a waterproof charging case cover! Interested users don’t miss it!For more scientific and technological information, continue to stayUrban Tech Story Edition

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