March 30, 2023
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The first unmanned McDonald’s in the United States is all in charge of ordering and serving meals – Hong Kong

McDonald’s all over the world are stepping into automation, such as providing automatic ordering screens for diners to use, but a McDonald’s in Fort Worth, Texas, the United States has taken a step forward. The entire fast food restaurant operates fully automatically, without any employees providing manual service. A few days ago, netizen @foodie_munster shared a video on Instagram to introduce this unique McDonald’s.

This McDonald’s in Fort Worth, Texas is a brand new concept store that only offers takeaway and drive-through services. Diners only need to use the mobile app to order food, then park the car aside and wait, and then go to the pick-up window to pick up the takeaway. Enter the pick-up number when you arrive at the window, and the food will be delivered immediately. There is also a machine for ordering food in the fast food restaurant, and the interior decoration is mainly designed for customers waiting for the food to be picked up.

It is reported that the McDonald’s is responsible for the production and packaging of food by robots, and the food is sent to the corresponding window with a conveyor belt for take-out or car take-out customers to pick up. In addition to food such as regular burgers and Chicken McNuggets, the concept store also offers a Daily Double burger that is not available in other branches. Some customers are happy that they don’t need to talk to the store staff, but some customers are unhappy with the lack of human service and doubt whether concept stores will be popular in the future.

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