June 9, 2023
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The first Tesla Semi electric truck was finally delivered to Pepsi with a load of 36 tons + a range of 800 kilometers

Tesla released the commercial electric truck “Semi” for the first time in 2017, but due to continuous difficulties in the production process, after five years of waiting, it finally handed over the world’s first Semi electric truck to its number one customer, PepsiCo, yesterday (1st) .

Citing a Reuters report, Tesla specially chose the Nevada Gigafactory to hold a delivery ceremony for the grand event, and Elon Musk personally drove the Semi into the venue. PepsiCo ordered 100 Semi electric trucks in 2017, but the delivery time has been repeatedly delayed.

2022 12 02 下午4.04.04

2022 12 02 下午4.02.42

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Tesla announced not long ago that Tesla Semi successfully achieved a continuous 500-mile (about 804 km) actual road test with a load of 81,000 pounds (about 36.7 tons), thanks to the ultra-low wind resistance design and the 3-wheel drive with Plaid powertrain. Motor pack design. Semi can accelerate to 96km/h in 20 seconds under load, and only consumes 2kW of electricity per mile. The average cost per mile is about 2.5 times cheaper than diesel engines. With the latest Megachargers, the Tesla Semi can charge 70% of its battery in 30 minutes.


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