May 28, 2023
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The first pure electric inland container ship in Jiangsu has a cruising range of 220 kilometers – Hong Kong

In recent years, China has actively promoted new energy vehicles, and many drivers and institutions have switched to electric vehicles. This trend seems to have also spread to the shipping industry. Chinese media reported that the first pure electric 120 standard inland river container ship Jiangyuan Lily was launched yesterday (10 On March 10), the first voyage was carried out in the morning, departing from the Taicang Port of the Yangtze River to the Suzhou Industrial Park Port on the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, which is 80 kilometers away.

Jiangyuan Lily has a total length of 79.92 meters, a width of 12.66 meters, a speed of 17 kilometers per hour, and a cruising range of 220 kilometers. It is currently the largest pure electric inland container ship in China. According to the report, three lithium iron phosphate batteries with the size of a standard container of 20 meters are installed in the stern part of the ship. As the power source of Jiangyuan Lily, it only takes 20 minutes to complete the power exchange due to the use of the method of unplugging and replacing the power. The sailing process can achieve zero emissions and zero pollution.

According to the introduction of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, more than 17 electric inland container ships will be put into service by 2025. At that time, 6 “zero carbon” container ship routes will be formed, covering the southern and northern Jiangsu sections of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal. watershed. Compared with traditional powered container ships, pure electric container ships can reduce fuel consumption by about 160 tons and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 500 tons per year.

Data and picture sources:cnbeta Mewe page:

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