April 1, 2023
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The first generation of the new unopened iPhone is expected to be sold at 270,000 yuan + 50 times the original price

As the leader in the mobile phone industry, Apple is extremely popular with users, and each of its products is meaningful. Following the Apple-1 prototype used by Steve Jobs and an original unopened iPhone, which were auctioned for US$700,000 (about 5.49 million Hong Kong dollars) and US$35,000 (about 270,000 Hong Kong dollars), there is another auction recently. An original unopened first-generation iPhone has been auctioned off and is expected to sell for as low as 50 times its original price.

British spread betting service London Capital Group (LCG) recently auctioned off an original unopened first-generation iPhone on its website. According to LCG’s description of the collectible, this first-generation iPhone has few flaws on the surface and edges of the packaging, the seals are clean, the seam detail and seal are excellent, and the label under the back seal remains in its original condition, ensuring this The first-generation iPhone collectible with model number A1203, order number MA712LL/A (8GB) is brand new and original.

Bids are now being accepted for the first-generation iPhone, which will close in the afternoon of October 16th. LCG expects it to fetch $30,000 (about HK$235,000) or more, more than 50 times the original price of $599 (about HK$4,702) when it was newly launched that year.


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