June 9, 2023
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The Financial Supervisory Commission reveals the current status of my country’s financial technology development roadmap, and will publish Roadmap 2.0 this year

In order to accelerate the development of my country’s financial technology industry, the FSC proposed for the first time my country’s financial technology development path map in 2020 based on industry opinions and needs. After the three-year period expires, the Financial Supervisory Commission will soon share the results of the promotion, and plans to propose the Fintech Development Roadmap 2.0 at the end of August. Hu Zehua, director of the Comprehensive Planning Department of the Financial Supervisory Commission, said in a Fintech symposium that the Financial Supervisory Commission began to promote financial technology-related policies as early as 2015, but later found that my country faced many problems to be solved in the development of the financial technology industry, such as Data cannot be shared, innovation needs nutrients, regulations restrict application, lack of scientific and technological talents, supervision needs to be technologically advanced, and cross-departmental communication costs are high. A technological innovation-friendly ecosystem is not based on the perspective of the competent authority, but based on the development needs of the industry.

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