June 6, 2023
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The favorite RV of American hunters: the old Ximei K8 in 2000 | TechNews TechNews

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The Honda Ximei K8, the favorite of car modification friends, is not only popular in Taiwan, American car thieves also love this classic car, ranking first among all stolen RVs.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau’s latest “Hot Wheel Report” records the list of vehicle theft cases in 2021. Unsurprisingly, Americans’ favorite pickup trucks occupy the top two spots on the list, while Honda Civic and Accord are the most popular. The RV popular with car thieves.

The 2000 Honda Civic, often called K8 in Taiwan, is the last generation of the sixth generation of Honda Civic. I still often see this classic Ximei figure. It is easy to understand that friends who play and modify cars like this car. Why do car thieves also love this car?

“The value of used cars is almost at an all-time high,” said David Glawe, chief executive of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. In the past two years, due to supply chain problems, the production capacity of new cars has been insufficient, and the price of used cars has increased by almost 35%. These stolen cars may be sent overseas. sold, or disassembled and sold separately.

Compared with 2020, the vehicle theft rate in the United States will increase by 8% in 2021, which shows the profit growth of the used car market. Under such circumstances, the value of old cars such as pickup trucks and K8, which are easy to repair, maintain, and drive, and have a high market share, will rise with the tide.

Moreover, the anti-theft technology of these old cheap cars was also very advanced, and the car owners themselves did not pay special attention to anti-theft. According to the report, thousands of car owners leave the keys or controllers in the car every year. Invite burglars to your door.6551

Interestingly, among the top ten stolen cars, Honda accounted for three, including Civic, Accord and CR-V, and the most commonly stolen years were old cars before 2000, such as the 2000 Camry , Yage in 1997 and CR-V in 2000, to a certain extent, this also reflects the excellence of Honda’s car manufacturing technology in those years. After 20 years, these cars are still very valuable.

Of course, the vehicle theft rate is highly related to its sales. Ford F-Series pickup trucks are the top car sales in the United States all year round. Toyota Corolla (Altis), the most popular sales in Taiwan, ranks tenth. In particular, the most frequently stolen car models of God A and Nissan Altima are both 2020 models, which are the latest models on the list .

In total, in 2021, the total number of reported stolen vehicles in the United States will be nearly 1 million. Since the production capacity of new cars has not yet returned to the level before the epidemic, it is expected that the value of second-hand cars will remain high in a short period of time. Car owners must take good care of their cars. Coveted by thieves.

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