June 7, 2023
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The European Union plans to set up data centers in space, hoping to reduce the impact on energy and the environment- Hong Kong unwire.hk

Thales Alenia Space, co-founded by French electronics group Thales and Italian high-tech multinational Leonardo, announced that it was recently appointed by the European Commission (EC) to lead the “Advanced Space Cloud for European Net-Zero Emissions and Data Sovereignty” (Advanced Space Cloud for European Net zero emission and Data sovereignty, ASCEND) company, to conduct research on the feasibility of placing data centers in space orbit.

Data centers have also been built in unusual locations in the past, such as colder places such as the seabed, the Arctic, mines and caves in the UK and Norway. As the world is undergoing a digital transformation, the demand for data centers across Europe has increased significantly, resulting in impacts on energy and the environment.

The EC aims to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, hoping to achieve Europe’s green transaction goals by building data centers in space, and Thales Alenia Space is responsible for finding the feasibility of building data centers in space. The data center in space orbit is powered by solar power plants with a power generation capacity of several hundred megawatts, and uses energy generated in space outside the Earth’s atmosphere, and is then connected to the ground’s high-throughput Internet based on optical communications.

source:Silicon UK

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