June 6, 2023
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The dynamic island of iPhone 14 Pro is too eye-catching, and Xiaomi developers pay tribute directly | Urban Tech Story

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Apple created a Dynamic Island experience on this year’s iPhone 14 Pro model; in simple terms, it is to turn the unavoidable blackening of the front lens module into another user experience. Although many people mocked Apple’s move as a cover, but now some Xiaomi developers want to pay tribute to the dynamic island and bring this experience to Xiaomi phones.

The theme, called Grumpy UI, has been shared on Twitter. Grumpy UI uses the perforated front lens in the upper left corner of the Xiaomi phone screen to create a dynamic island experience similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. According to the developers of Grumpy UI, the theme is currently awaiting approval from Xiaomi.

What is a dynamic island? This is Apple’s new way of interacting with the front lenses of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The dynamic island is characterized by blurring the boundaries between software and hardware, and can adjust changes in real time to display important reminders, notifications and activities.

If the user is using continuous background activities such as “Map”, “Music” or “Timer”, it will remain visible and interactive. Third-party apps provide instant information such as sports scores or ride-sharing.

(Source of the first image: Apple)

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