March 30, 2023
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The cache server computer that supports the operation of Netflix exposes the built-in 262TB storage, Xeon processor, 64GB RAM

I believe that Netflix is ​​the main channel for many netizens to watch TV shows. A Reddit netizen named PoisonWaffe3 recently obtained a 2013 Netflix cache server, which was completely cleared of data after it was retired from the Netflix service. , a hardware device the size of a console, has become the main core behind the operation of Netflix. What is so special about this device?

This appliance, called Open Connect Appliance, is part of Netflix Open Connect, which is also a globally distributed CDN. Netflix has documentation on the Open Connect program, but little is known about what the Open Connect device actually looks like and what it consists of. The netizen mentioned in the sharing that the Open Connect device has a fairly standard SuperMicro motherboard, uses Intel Xeon CPU (E5 2650L v2), 64GB DDR3 memory, 36 Western Digital 7.2TB hard drives (7200RPM), 6 A 500GB SSD from Micron Technology, a pair of 750W power connectors, and a quad-port 10Gb Ethernet card.

Netflix works with thousands of network providers around the world to provide the same Open Connect equipment to eligible network providers using interconnected locations on the network, and all Netflix content is provided by local Open Connect equipment, not directly connected to Netflix.

PoisonWaffle3 was able to get this Netflix cache server precisely because he works at an ISP. He pointed out that the cache server contains 262TB of raw storage capacity. Some netizens suggested that PoisonWaffle3 use this device to find cryptocurrency and Acts as a server for Plex streaming. How do you think it should be used?

source:Vice via Science and Technology News


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