March 25, 2023
2022 11 01 上午10.17.57

The big Instagram failure has now recovered, and the “water-inserted” drop of tired Internet celebrities and star followers-Hong Kong

Following the global crash of WhatsApp last week, another Meta-owned social platform was suspected of malfunction within a week. A large number of social platform users posted on the online discussion forum yesterday (31st) that their accounts were suspended. Permanently disable.

2022 11 01 上午10.13.09

At the same time, because many accounts have been suspended, and the suspended accounts will not be displayed to other users, the number of users who have no problems with the account has dropped sharply. The famous football star C Ronaldo was also affected by the incident. The number of followers plummeted by 3 million, while the official Instagram account also lost more than 1 million followers.

The large-scale failure incident triggered discussions among netizens. Some netizens suspected that IG was cleaning up fake accounts, but some affected users emphasized that they were using it normally. Later, IG posted an apology on Twitter, noting that users could not log in to their accounts or that the number of followers had dropped, and apologized to the affected users.

Four hours after the problem occurred at 9AM ET, the Instagram service was back to normal, and C Lang’s account followers were back at their original 493 million.

source:search engine journal, DailyMail

Image Source:rtlnieuws

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