March 27, 2023
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The auction price of the first generation iPhone hit a record high and the transaction price exceeded 300,000 Hong Kong paper

Recently, a brand new unopened first-generation iPhone was sold at a high price of US$39,336.6, setting a new iPhone auction record.

Recently, there was a brand new unopened first-generation iPhone 8GB ROM on the LCG Auctions auction site. This original unopened iPhone is in excellent condition, with no damage to the plastic wrap seam detail and seal. The barcode and information label of the iPhone are also clearly visible, and there are no stickers or UPC shipping labels attached to any other sales channels. The original estimated transaction price will exceed 30,000 US dollars.

The bidding started at $2,500, and the auction atmosphere was not very enthusiastic at the beginning. The highest bid on Sunday was “only” $10,446. But before closing the bidding, there were suddenly a lot of buyers vying to bid. The final transaction price was as high as 39,336.6 US dollars, equivalent to more than 300,000 Hong Kong dollars, setting a new high auction price for the first-generation unpacked iPhone.

The first-generation iPhone 8GB Rom version was priced at $599 at the time, and now the price has risen more than 65 times.


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