March 27, 2023
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The App Store will add ads on the homepage and app pages from next week

Apple has not put a lot of advertising on the App Store, but in July Apple announced that it will increase the advertising space on the App Store, hoping to increase advertising revenue, and the new measures will begin next week.

Apple sent an email notification to developers earlier, saying that starting from October 25th, the App Store in all regions except China will increase advertising columns, mainly on the main Today page and the recommended section at the bottom of each app page. All advertising content will be distinguished from normal content by a blue background and an “Advertisement” label.

This new model will allow developers to place advertisements directly on the homepage, which has always only had content selected by Apple’s editors and cannot be paid to sell ads. According to sources, Apple hopes to increase advertising revenue by nearly 3 times by adding advertising space, reaching at least 10 billion US dollars a year. In addition to the App Store, ads may also be added to Apple Maps next year.


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