June 4, 2023
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That man has come to Taiwan!The godfather of graphics cards, Huang Renxun, appeared at Raohe Night Market, carrying a bag of twist rolls | TechNews 科技新报

The “Godfather of Graphics Cards” Huang Renxun, CEO of Huida, will give a speech at the graduation ceremony of National Taiwan University on the 27th, but he has quietly arrived in Taiwan, and was unexpectedly bumped into by fans. At present, a photo is being circulated on the Internet. In the picture, Huang Renxun is holding a bag of twist rolls and strolling leisurely at the Raohe Street Night Market.

The rare thing is that it seems that because the weather in Taiwan is too hot, Huang Renxun did not wear the “signature leather jacket”, but a thin black jacket, and put his hands in his pockets to carefully look at the Taiwanese delicacies.

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It is understood that Huang Renxun is expected to stay in Taiwan for two weeks. In addition to attending the graduation ceremony of National Taiwan University, he will give a speech at the opening ceremony of Computex 2023 on the 29th. He will have questions and answers with global media and analysts the next day. Huang Renxun will also visit suppliers such as ASUS, Wistron, and Gigabyte during his visit to Taiwan, and meet with TSMC executives.

Huida’s 2024 Q1 financial report performed well, and its financial forecast exceeded expectations, driving its stock price to soar by more than 24.4% on the 25th, becoming one of the largest single-day gains in US stocks, closing at a record high of US$379.8, and the company’s market value is approaching US$1 trillion . Huida is currently second only to Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon.

(The source of the first picture: flipping the Internet)

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